Lady Gaga has head tattooed LIVE at New York launch of fragrance 'Fame'

Lady Gaga made use of her recently shaved head yesterday - by having the bald expanse of skull tattooed live, during the launch of her debut fragrance 'Fame' in New York.

Sweet Jesu.

lady gaga tattoos head live

The live inking happened at the Guggenheim museum - where a series of live art installations were taking place - in front of a pretty sizable crowd that included Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

We're surpised Li-Lo didn't jump on stage and start demanding someone tattooed her fanny or something. (We joke, we joke)

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26-year-old Gaga- who shaved her head as a tribute to photographer Terry Richardson's late mother - posted a photo of her new tatt on the Little Monsters website, along with the caption: "You're a made woman of the art mafia."

lady gaga tattoos head live

She also shared this snap of the cherub like inking as it was being tattooed, writing: "Tatting Guggenheim :just an average day."

Her tattooist Mark Mahoney revealed the meaning behind the inking, saying: "It's kind of a Renaissance era cherub, a nod to her Italian heritage."

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He also admitted that he'd been a little apprehensive about PERMANTLY ALTERING Gaga's appearance in front of a MASSIVE CROWD, adding: "Once I got the pattern on, I realised it was just a perfect image for that place on the body. I knew it was going to be fine, just because it seemed to fit so perfectly right there."

lady gaga tattoos head live

Phew, that Gaga sure is cray cray. What do you think of the tatt?

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