Cara Delevingne avoids Harry Styles questioning - video

So there are a whole load of rumours surrounding Harry Styles and Cara Delevingne at the moment - well, mainly just the one, that they're going out - obviously, as that happens every time Harry so much as looks at something with a vajayjay.

harry styles cara delevingne

ITN asked Cara about all the hearsay outside the Burberry show for LFW this week, and she managed to pretty much avoid telling us anything, apart from suggesting that there might be something to tell and if there is she's not telling.

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So yeah, not much.

Nicely done, Delevingne. Delly. Devvy. Devster.

Or Cara. That'll do.

Hary gives Cara a congratulatory kiss after Burberry show at LFW

Harry and Cara are "enjoying eachother's company"

Harry to sing at Cara's 20th birthday?

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