The Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer 'break up' - what you think

The twittersphere has been sent into a frenzy this week, after an 'inside source' claimed that One Direction's Liam Payne and his girlfriend Danielle Peazer have split up after two years together.

Since then, neither Liam or Danielle have commented on the speculation that their relationship has ended - and Sugarscape readers just don't know what to think.

A lot of you feel you can't accpet the pair have split until Liam himself comments on the matter, with @stylator69 writing: "I will only believe the rumours of Liam and Danielle splitting up if they confirm it themseleves."

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liam and danielle break up liam and danielle break up - what you think

Others think the fact that we've heard nothing from Liam, despite him tweeting fans earlier today, suggests that the rumours could be true.

@Official1D_PHIL wrote: "Liam & Danielle's break up is all over the media. Kinda worried it's true coz no one's denying it. :("

danielle and liam break up

While @rabail246 suggests that the 'split' is actually a cover for something else. "Plot Twist: Liam and Danielle DID NOT break up, they're faking it, Liam will suddenly propose Danielle and they'll marry and have kids. ok," she wrote.

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The overwhelming majority, though, are just plain upset - with many labelling Payzar the 'perfect couple'.

Liam-and-danielle-break-up- Liam-and-danielle-break-up-

"If Liam and Danielle really did break up then I'm done looking for a boyfriend, because I don't believe in love anymore," tweeted one user.


IT'S JUST ALL SO SAD. What do you think, who do you agree with?

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