What One Direction would do if they had one day left to live

One Direction like to keep it light-hearted during interviews, covering topics like, oh we don’t know, what they’d do if they were going to die tomorrow. How nice.

Speaking to Australia’s Channel 7 news the boys spoke about how they’d spend their last days on little ol’ earth.

“I’d go for a pint with Ronan Keating,” said Niall Horan while Maura and Bobby cried in the corner and asked themselves if their son was actually a teenage girl from 1995.

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“Sorry mum, I’m in the pub, I know it’s the last day on earth, but…” said Louis Tomlinson. Yes alright, don’t rub it in.

“I’d love to go up in a hot air balloon,” put in Harry Styles, breaking his sponsorship deal with Range Rover.

Zayn Malik soon got deep, saying: “I’d wanna see my family, girlfriend…”

“I wanna swim with dolphins,” cut in Niall. No you don’t, you want to neglect your family to hang out with Ronan.

“I’d wanna do something high adrenalin,” said Louis. “So I would skydive into our families houses.”

We’re sorry Luigi, we don’t see anyone coming out of that one alive.

Is there any way other than stroking a rotation of One Direction members that you’d like to spend your last day?

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