Harry Styles 'moving in' with model Cara Delevingne?

As far as we are aware, it's pretty tricky for Harry Styles to look at a girl without some anonymous ''source'' or another deciding that he's madly in love with them, which generally results in him being linked to every female in town.

That said, there have been all sorts of rumours about him and Burberry model Cara Delevingne and according to the latest reports he's already given her a key to the new party pad.

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Harry Syles to seranade Cara Delevingne at her 20th birthday party?

Bearing in mind he's only just bought the new place, it might sound a little early to be handing out spare keys willy nilly, but according to one blabbermouth, things between him and Cara are supposedly hotting up.

"He doesn't want to freak Cara out by going too fast," the source apparently told Look Magazine.

"But Harry does really like her. Plus, they both work abroad a lot - it makes sense for Cara to stay with him when they're both in town."

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Does it though? We're pretty sure Cara has been fine cooking her own boiled eggs in her own house up until now, so it seems a bit odd as explanations go.

"This is the first time he's been the one doing all the chasing, and he loves it," the insider added.

"She's stunning and smart, and they're spending as much time together as possible."

You may have noticed that we are taking this with a rather large pinch of salt. In fact we probably will be until we see them out on some sort of date together, especially after both of them have previously said that they're just pals.

But what do you think - are they keeping a relationship on the down low or are they just good friends?

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