Selena Gomez shows off new neck tattoo

We were pretty excited when we heard Selena Gomez had a new tattoo on her neck. We were imagining giant scorpions from her chin to her ear, huge spiders zig-zagging  around her jawline, or the lyrics to a Justin Bieber song intricately woven across her hairline.

Obviously though, Selena's gone for a much classier approach (probs for the best really) and her latest ink is the number 76 in roman numerals, apparently dedicated to her mum, who was born in that year.

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selena gomez roman numerals tattoo on her neck

The tatt apparently only took twenty minutes, and was etched on to her by celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang, who's inked Rihanna, Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens and Justin Bieber in the past.

selena gomez bang bang tattoo

What do you think of her new ink? Loving it? Or bit disappointed it's not a huge comic-book style ZAP! next to an oddly placed microphone on her forearm?

Selena gets teeny-tiny heart tattoo

Selena to get matching tattoo with Justin Bieber?

Pics: Facebook / Twitter

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