Liam Payne and Leona Lewis "have seen each other a few times"

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After Liam Payne spoke out about his split from Danielle Peazer earlier today, the Leona Lewis rumours are coming in thicker and faster than ever before, after the pair were first said to be dating last week.

BUT DON"T PANIC Payzer warriors - Liam's never seemed like the kind of guy to rush straight into a new relationship after ending such a serious one, and he and Leona aren't meant to be "officially" dating, with Liam rumoured to have said that they've only been for a drink and nothing else, as he woudln't want to hurt Danielle.

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liam payne leona lewis

"To call it dating at the moment is a little far down the line," says some snitch who seems to know a lot.

"They've seen each other a few times," heard The Metro.

Leona hsn't made an official comment on this whole rumour-mill yet, and we like to think Liam wouldn't jump straight into the arms of another woman.

liam payne and danielle peazer

When we asked Leona about Liam this time last year, she described him as "the sweetest boy."

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"I found out that he is a fan of mine and really likes my music," she told us.

"I met him and he is just the sweetest boy - he is so lovely, so I’m really pleased that everyone got me to follow him!"

Watch Liam talk about Danielle here;


Liam speaks out about his split from Danielle

Liam Payne and Leona rumours kick off...

Pics: Wenn / PA

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