Watch: Demi Lovato gets feisty and chucks a Barbie doll off stage in Brazil

Demi Lovato headed to Brazil last week with a whole host of other celebs to perform at the Z Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

But while Jay from The Wanted was picking up frilly knickers and stuffing them in his pocket (twas hilarious) Demi took the opportunity to tell the audience a few home truths. Mmhmm *finger snap*

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The feisty X Factor judge was speaking about her battle with an eating disorder and self-harm when she picked up a Barbie doll a fan had thrown on stage earlier in the show.

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"I think it's really funny, somebody threw a Barbie Doll onstage," she began. "It's kind of ironic, because I spent my whole life trying to be this, and trying to look like this.

"And guess what? I'm not this - and it means the world to me that you guys still love me, no matter what.

"Whoever's Barbie this is, I'm really sorry but I'm going to throw it. Thank you guys for inspiring me."

Phew, we're the one's that feel inspired. That Demi Lovato sure is something, isn't she?

What do you think - are you pleased Demi is putting such a positive message out there?

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