Seeing as The X Factor live shows kick off tonight (AGH, HURRAH) we thought we'd mess around with the faces of some of the most successful XF creations, The Conway Sisters.

Unfortunately we there were very few images on the Irish quartet, so we've had to settle for One Direction instead. Sorry people.

So who would the boys be out of the judges from our UK show and the US version? OH CLICK NEXT TO FIND OUT.

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Seeing as DNA from Gary Barlow's cheek cells were stolen to create Liam Payne, it's only right that he should be the head judge over here in the UK.

Much like Gazza Bazza, Lazza Pazza is reasonable, sensible and shares the same voice box. Don't believe us? You'll never hear them speak in the same room #TrueFact


Zayn Malik and Nicole Scherzinger are both strong, beautiful and bodacious women people. Nicole is never afraid to keep in touch with her emotions and shed a few tears, as is Zayn who likes an inspirational quote and will always express what's on his mind.

If there's one person who loves being Irish more than Louis Walsh it's Niall Horan. These two are pretty much the same people and for a brief spell in 2010, Niall managed Jedward. #TrueFact

While she's on The X Factor USA, Britney Spears will be operated by Harry Styles, that's why her speech seems slower at times. The two bonded over a love of not wearing underwear and have since been inseparable. #TrueFact

If there's anyone sassy enough to be as brutally honest and let's face it, as mean as Simon Cowell it's Louis Tomlinson.

Unlike Simon with his "distinctly average" jibes, Tomlinator's major disses come in the form of a prolonged silent stare, followed by a simple, "Bitch please."

Agree with our judge matches? 'Course you do. Right. who's going to make this happen then?

What do you think?