Louis Walsh: "I'll set George Shelley up with Demi Lovato"

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In news set to ROCK THE WORLD of Niall Horan fans (or at least moderately entertain until something more interesting comes along) Louis Walsh has told X Factor contestant George Shelley that he’ll set him up with Demi Lovato, reports Digital Spy.


george shelley the x factor

Louis was all talk after a brief stint on the X Factor USA, and asked the boys if they’d be up for listening to him bang on about how awesome Britney Spears is, while he’s plotting their white suits and Christmas Carols for the live shows ahead of them.

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"Do you boys like Britney Spears?” he asked.  "I'll tell you about her later."

But OH NO Louis, El Britters isn’t for George, who told him; "Demi Lovato is the one I like."

demi lovato and george shelley

Easy peasy. Louis Walsh, feeble though he may seem, is one of the most well connected men in The Biz, and told George he could hook them up without a care in the world.

"Do you?” said the boyband lover. “ I'll give you her number. I will, I've got it. I can sort that out."

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WATCH THIS SPACE. Will George be the next fella to be taken on a trip to the Pink Taco?

Let's watch the Wildcards tell us why they should be voted in while standing in some random corridor while we wait for any more Demi and George action to develop. EXCELLENT PLAN.


George Shelley goes blonde! Kinda.

George Shelley appreciation pictures. OH YES.

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