Taylor Swift invites mystery member of One Direction to dinner?

Taylor Swift might be all shacked up with boyfriend Conor Kennedy, but it sounds like she's still got a soft spot for One Direction and apparently singled out one of the lads to go to dinner after their performances at the Teen Awards over the weekend.

Taylor Swift asks a mystery member of One Direction out on a date?

It's not the first time we've heard that T-Swizz has a bit of a soft spot for the lads and her old pal Justin Bieber well and truly dropped her in it a couple of months ago when he let slip that she had a bit of a fangirl moment after meeting Harry for the first time.

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Meeting up again at the Teen Awards this weekend, she apparently couldn't resist asking one of the lads out for dinner. It does seem to be a bit of a mystery as to who it actually was she asked to join her for chips and gravy at the five star Luton Hoo hotel though.

Unfortunately it sounds like it wasn't meant to be and despite the reports, the booking was apparently cancelled at the last minute.

"Taylor’s team whisked her off to Luton after the awards," a source told The Sun. "She had a private jet at Luton Airport ready to take her back to the US at 10pm.

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“All her staff were told she was having a private dinner with one of the guys from One Direction.

“It was all cancelled abruptly, and nothing more was said.”

Taylor Swift asks a mystery member of One Direction out on a date?

After careful consideration our money is probably on Niall. We all know how he feels about food.

Either way, it might be a bit of a mystery for now, but if there's any truth in the rumours, at least we can put our faith in Taylor to write an album's worth of songs documenting the nitty gritty details.

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