Demi Lovato 'loosely dating' Niall Horan: "He knows I have a little crush on him"

Despite a pile of rumours so big that they can no longer stay hidden in Harry Styles' gigantic hair do, Demi Lovato has been quite clear about the fact that she's not about to get it on with Niall Horan.

Well, that is until now as she seems to have changed her mind and has apparently decided that she quite fancied him all along.

We were here first Demi, just FYI.

Demi Lovato 'loosely dating' Niall Horan - she says he knows she has a crush on him

Anyway, forget all those rumours about her getting back with ex Wilmer Valderrama because apparently Niall's got a lot of potential in the boyfriend department.

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"He has a lot of great qualities. He is an amazing listener and makes me laugh a lot, two of the main qualities I look for," Demi apparently told the Mirror.

“He knows I have a little crush on him, and we enjoy having dinner when we get the chance. We speak and message all the time.”

"I don’t want a relationship over Skype; we are both in a place where we feel zero pressure to rush. We share the philosophy that the right one is worth waiting for.

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Demi Lovato 'loosely dating' Niall Horan - she says he knows she has a crush on him

Err, THE RIGHT ONE? Blimmin' heck, we know Demi introduced Niall to the magical land of the Pink Taco and all, but perhaps that's slightly jumping the gun.

"It has been a crazy year for One Direction and I have been concentrating on The X Factor and also my well-being,” she continued.

But despite all that, there are also all sorts of rumours behind the scenes on X Factor US about them being a couple.

"Demi’s told the guys backstage she and Niall are loosely dating - it’s casual but they are definitely dating, albeit long-distance," an inside source added.

Demi Lovato 'loosely dating' Niall Horan - she says he knows she has a crush on him

While this is all well and good, we really can't forget the fact that Demi has said about a million times that she isn't dating Niall.

Talking about the supposed romance in this month's Teen Vogue, she said: "He’s a really awesome, sweet guy, but not my boyfriend. I’m in a place right now where I really need to focus on myself.

WE COULD NOT BE MORE CONFUSED. Although that's probably the perfect excuse to go and eat a packet of Hobnobs.

What do you think?

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