Exclusive Miley Cyrus: "I used to be really shy, so I would fake it"

Miley Cyrus may seem like one of the most confident gals there is, but reveals that she used to be really shy – and just mastered the art of faking it.

Talking about her new film LOL, Miley says she’s not too far removed from her character, Lola;

miley cyrus in lol

“Lola has got a lot of similarities with me and also a lot of differences. I was always kind of shy when I would go into new places and I would fake it really well because I’m very loud, so I would just think if I cranked it up, turned my voice up, I wouldn't come off nervous.

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“Lola does the opposite, kind of internal, and her growing and becoming more like a woman in this movie is really amazing because I made this transition probably about a year ago.”

Hang on, we’re just gonna go whack on some Britney... “I’m not a girl….”

Ahem. Anyway, she goes on to say that Lola’s relationship with her mum (played by Demi Moore in the film) is similar to Miley’s with her mum, Tish Cyrus (who often pops up on Miley’s Twitter feed, just larkin’ about, being a Cyrus).

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miley cyrus in lol with demi moore

“Her relationship with Anne is a lot like me with my mom,” says Miley. SEE?

“I’m really close with my mom, very very close. It doesn't mean that we don't love each other but we fight like crazy. There are times where you know Lola and you know things get said that she doesn't mean, it’s just out of anger.

“I think that's really important for daughters to know that moms will say things just like we say things but, just because it’s your mom, it doesn't mean they’re perfect. “

LOL is out to own on DVD from October 15th

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