Demi Lovato: "Niall Horan is not my boyfriend"

It's fair to say that we're feeling a bit confused about the whole Demi Lovato and Niall Horan rumours. Are they getting it on or do they just share a love for the odd Pink Taco?

Only yesterday there were all sorts of rumours that the pair are 'loosely dating', but despite apparently having a bit of crush on her Irish chum, Demi's taken to Twitter to set a few things straight.

Demi Lovato says Niall Horan isn't her boyfriend

With both Niall and Demi previously denying that there's anything more than friendship between them, it seemed like there wasn't much going on.

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But then came reports that they are seeing each other but trying to keep things on the down low and frankly it had us rather confused.

Now, she could have been referring to anything but after being in the headlines for the alleged romance, it was interesting to see what Demi had to say about things.

Tweeting her followers a slightly cryptic message, she said: "Just because it's put in quotation marks doesn't mean I said it."

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For all we know, she could have been talking about anything, but our money is on a certain blonde, Irish boyband member whose name might just begin with 'N' and end in '-iall'.

Demi Lovato says Niall Horan isn't her boyfriend

Bearing in mind she's also said she won't be committing to any kind of relationship until she's further into recovery, we can't help thinking that perhaps they are just pals after all.

"He’s a really awesome, sweet guy, but not my boyfriend. I’m in a place right now where I really need to focus on myself," Demi told Teen Vogue.

What do you think?

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