Justin Bieber's laptop containing ''personal footage'' is stolen

It's bad enough when someone nabs the last biscuit from right underneath your nose, so imagine how Justin Bieber must be feeling after a laptop and camera containing what he describes as ''personal footage'' were stolen from his dressing room during a gig in Washington.

Justin Bieber has laptop contaning 'personal footage' stolen at a show in Washington

Naturally the Biebs was pretty upset about the whole thing and shared his thoughts with his Twitter followers, saying: "Sucks when u take personal footage and people dont respect your privacy.

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"Yesterday during the show me and my tour manager Josh had some stuff stolen. really sucks. People should respect other's property.

"I had a lot of personal footage on that computer and camera and that is what bothers me the most. #lame #norespect."

The Biebs didn't clarify what sort of "personal footage" was on there, but we'll let your own rude minds imagine the world of possibilities.

For all we know, it could have been his personal wildlife snaps from when he goes birdwatching he's worried about, but there was a bit of a scare with an alleged naked snap of the Biebs turning up online only hours later.

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Justin Bieber has laptop contaning 'personal footage' stolen at a show in Washington

Apparently it was a fake, which makes sense - we're not sure why the Biebs would have a computer full of naked photos of himself anyway. Not that we'd be complaining if he did.

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