WATCH: One Direction on The Late Late Show

The problem with not being Irish is that you don’t get to see The Late Late Show when it’s on the telly.

Usually we can deal with this and go about our days with our fake Irish accents and say “What’s the craic”, like everything’s OK.

There are times however when missing the show is like being shot in the foot, and yes we’re referring to last night when a small quintet who you may not have heard of called One Direction were on.

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Oh they gave a good interview. Niall Horan did a jig thing with his legs, Harry Styles revealed he got two new arm tattoos yesterday, there was a REALLY AWKWARD AGH Larry Stylinson question, and Louis Tomlinson got particularly sassy at 4.46. It’s a pity we can’t show you the video.

Oh, what’s that... WE CAN?

Click next to see the boys’ interview in full. It really is rather beautiful.


So that was hot. What were your favourite bits? Oh go on, tell us...

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