Louis Tomlinson: "I find it really hard to be away from Eleanor Calder"

As well as having an eye for all things sassy, it's probably fair to say that Louis Tomlinson is the life and soul of any One Direction related party.

But despite that horizontally striped exterior, he's a bit of a softy at heart, and when the lads are on the road, he often finds himself missing girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

Showing off his extreme boyfriend skills, Louis spends a lot of his time off zipping up to Manchester to visit Eleanor where she's studying at uni. But while she often comes out to visit the lads when they're touring, Louis still finds himself missing her presence.

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"I find it really hard to be away from Eleanor, but we see each other as much as we can," Luigi told Heat.

With such an intensive job, it sounds like Luigi has got this multi-tasking thing down, and he's quite happy to travel about to make things work.

"If Louis gets a spare second, his first thought is to get up to Manchester to see Eleanor," a source told the magazine. "He doesn’t care if that means driving back at the crack of dawn. He just wants to be with her.

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“She can’t travel with him as much this year, but she comes down to London when she can."

Dawww, bless their little sockless shoes.

Maybe he should make like Niall did with Obama and get a lifesize wax version of her made to ride about in their tourbus. Bet it would scare off any rogue burglars.

What do you think about all this?

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