Robert Pattinson kisses bikini-clad Kristen Stewart at her house - pictures emerge

After the drama surrounding Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders seems to have died down, it looks like our favourite moody couple have fallen right back into each others’ smooches without a care in the world.

Obviously we imagine there’s still a fair amount of brooding glares and intense lip-biting going on (standard Robsten), but the couple have been snapped kissing by a pool JUST THIS WEEK.

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The photos run by PopSugar show Rob and Kristen at what’s thought to be K-Stew’s swanky LA pad, with their arms wrapped around each other while their dog scampers about in the background.

BUT. Does this mean all is well? Does this mean K-Stew’s gotten off scott-free for her dalliances with her married director? Does this mean Rob’s a pushover? Or that it didn’t really happen and was a publicity stunt? OR WHAT THE FRICK IS GOING ON?

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robert pattinson and kristen stewart

They’re said to be saving their first public appearance together for the Breaking Dawn 2 red carpet at the premieres.

Crafty buggers.

Are you glad they're back together? Or do you think they never really broke up in the first place and it was all for show?

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