Selena Gomez plays with Justin Bieber's hamster - PICS

If there's anything cuter than the fact that Justin Bieber has just gone and got himself a pet hamster, it's probably seeing girlfriend Selena Gomez cooing over it.

Selena Gomez plays with Justin Bieber's brand new hamster, Pac - PICS

Those long days on tour must get a bit lonely and so the Biebs really has gone and purchased himself a little furry friend to accompany him on the road.

While most celebs might be into weird looking dogs that you can dress in festive outfits and carry about in a handbag, El Biebo kept it old school and has decided to go for a hamster instead.

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Introducing him to the world in his usual casual style, the Biebs tweeted, saying: "This is PAC the hamster my new Believe tour pet. I will bring him to every meet n greet." [sic]

Girlfriend Selena seemed pretty pleased to have a hold, posting a picture of them together and saying: "Hey Pac! You are my new friend."

Selena Gomez plays with Justin Bieber's brand new hamster, Pac - PICS

Well, we guess seeing as she's going out with the Biebs, she's practically the furry little stepmother after all.

How impressed are you that we've got this far without making any completely inappropriate jokes and what do you think of the Bieb's new pal?

Comments please..

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Images: Instagram / Justin Bieber / Selena Gomez

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