Nick Grimshaw tries to prank call Harry Styles live on air - listen

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The world missed out on a real treat today - after Nick Grimshaw failed to prank call pal Harry Styles live on his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

Grimmy was playing the CLASSIC game Call or Delete with Tulisa (who is waaaay too good at lying, she almost had us convinced and we knew it was a prank) when Harry Styles was randomly selected as a victim.

Harry Styles speaks to Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1

Tee hee hee, we thought to ourselves, this is going to be a goodie - although we must admit we were a tad concerned at being late for work, bearing in mind it takes Harreh two hours to get out one sentence.

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Alas, we needn't have worried - because Grimmy didn't even have time to ask the curly-haired one for money as he had planned, before Hazza said: 'I'm on the radio aren't I?'

harry styles from one direction

Yes Haribo, yes you are.

Listen to the recording below to hear the DRAMZ unfold - and keep an ear out for the bit where Harry reveals he's at the doctor's - for one terrifying/brilliant moment we thought he was going to admit to Grimmy he'd caught some horrible disease or something.

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Gah, so close and yet so far. If that wasn't quite enough Harry for you, click next to hear Grimmers and Hazza playing their own game of call or delete a few months ago.

Our favourite bit is when Nick calls Lou Teasdale's sister to tell her he's in love with Harreh.

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