Is Niall Horan dating Amy Green?

He’s always been the single one in One Direction, but Niall Horan may have finally bagged himself a right fittie in the form of 20-year-old drama student Amy Green.

Niall Horan and Amy Green

According to The Sunday Mirror, Nialler has recently started dating “posh” Amy and is already introducing her as his girlfriend. Back of the net, Hozmiester.

An insider revealed to the paper that Niall took Amy with him on his visit to The X Factor last weekend and “seemed really into her”.

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“Niall was introducing Amy to people as his girlfriend and they were very happy from the look of things. He was kissing and cuddling her when people weren’t watching and seemed really into her,” the source revealed.

“She was very posh and I have to say they seemed like a great couple. It’s definitely early days but Amy was on his arm as a girlfriend not just a girl friend.”

Niall Horan, Amy Green, Olly Murs, X Factor

According to The Sunday Mirror, Niall is refusing to speak about her, but another insider has waded in saying, “They’re dating – it’s early days but they’re very cute together.”

Well nice one, Nialler. We wonder if he's cleaned up his language now he's bagged a posh bird?

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