*URGENT* Disasters that may occur when One Direction meet the Queen

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On November 19th One Direction will be in the presence of Queen Elizabeth when they perform at The Royal Variety Show.

Obviously this is a massive deal, but we can’t help but worry that there are a few fatal flaws that the boys have that could leave Her Majesty unimpressed, and in some circumstances lead to them losing their heads.

One Direction and the queen


Click next to see possible disasters and how we advise the boys to get out of them.

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OFF WITH HIS HEAD: Niall Horan calls the Royal Family a “Shower of C*nts.”

HEAD SAVE: Thankfully the Queen is a very posh lady and we suspect that she’s never heard the C word or had it uttered in her presence. If this is not the case then Nialler will need to think on his feet and have the bravado to insinuate that due to her age, Queenie misheard and he actually said, “Shall we go for a hunt?”



OFF WITH HIS HEAD: Still basking in the glory of his shaved head and new tattoos, Liam Payne gets dead chavvy and refuses to bow.

HEAD SAVE: This is a long shot, but maybe the excuse of diminished responsibility thanks to a broken heart could do the trick. It might not fly too well with Queenie, but if William is there he can remind her of the time that he and Kate split up and the pain and anguish he felt.



OFF WITH HIS HEAD: Louis Tomlinson gets sassy.

HEAD SAVE: There is none, The Sasquatch never surrenders.



OFF WITH HIS HEAD: Zayn Malik goes Bradford Bad Boi™.

HEAD SAVE: Zayn will have to rely on his poetic side to get himself out of this and quote one of his nobby and wise tweets to explain the origins for the Bad Boi-ness. Prince Charles might even end up signing him up for The Prince’s Trust.



OFF WITH HIS HEAD: Harry Styles tries to pull the Queen.

HEAD SAVE: We’re guessing QEII doesn’t get a lot of boys flirting with her nowadays, so why not let her put her crown down and go for a ride in Hazza’s Range Rover?

You can thank us later boys.

Are there any other possible 1D related disasters that could happen in front of the Queen? 

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