Being the romantics that we are, our hearts are bleeding a little bit for Zayn Malik - who is understandably 'gutted' that he and girlfriend Perrie Edwards will be separated for the majority of 2013.

IT'S LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET OR SOMETHING. (without all the dying, obvs.)

Yep, One Direction have a jam packed schedule next year - with their UK and European tours followed by a lengthy trip to America meaning that Zayn will be forced to spend an entire eight months apart from his Little Mix lady.

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A source told heat magazine: "Zayn is preparing to jet off abroad, and he's gutted that Perrie will have to remain in the UK and focus on Little Mix.

There's no doubt that he'll miss her badly when he's abroad next year."

See what we mean? Hearts. Bleeding

We doubt Pezza is relishing the prospect of being apart from her badger-quiffed lover either - earlier this year she said: :"We see each other quite a lot. The only time we don't is when he's in America.

"It's really hard. But I trust him. It does get hard when you don't see each other. It does make it more special when you do see each other, though."

Oh gahd, we can't bear it - we're off to have a little sob into our Zerrie pillow. What do you make of all this?

What do you think?