*UPDATED* One Direction security to carry guns in case boys get kidnapped in US & Mexico?

We always thought that the biggest risk to a boyband touring the world was catching herpes, but One Direction’s management have far greater dramas in their sights.

This weeked The Mirror reported that the boys’ management are so worried about them touring in America and Mexico that they have asked security to carry guns.

One Direction security wants guns

“They are the biggest boyband in the world. If their bosses say we need guns, then we have to get guns. They will be travelling to some dangerous areas in the world,” a security source told The Mirror.

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“There are lots of threats – the worst possibility is a gang will want to kidnap them. But that won’t be allowed to happen.”

Security sweethearts, have you not met Louis Tomlinson? One does not simply kidnap The Sassy One without getting bitch slapped to high heaven.

The source continued: “The group’s security guards have all had to get social security cards and ID cards for America and Canada. And they may bring in armed guards who they have worked with before in Mexico.”

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A spokesman for 1D told the paper that the security cards were not to get gun licences in America, but added, “I have no idea about Mexico.”

So this is all a bit serious. Let’s all look at Luigi’s helmet to lift the mood.


"I actually can't believe people actually believe that our security carry guns ? Biggest load of sh*t I've ever heard ha :)"

Well that's that sorted.

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