Louis Tomlinson: "Liam Payne's been pretty upset about Danielle Peazer"

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Our lives were turned upside down and our emotions ripped to shreds this year, when One Direction’s Liam Payne and his lovely lady Danielle Peazer decided to call it a day.

Liam’s been papped out on the town and rumoured to be hooking up with more women than you’d find in Topshop on a Saturday since the split, but Louis reveals that he’s actually been having a pretty sombre time.

liam payne and louis tomlinson

“You know, I’ve spoken to Liam quite a lot recently,” he told Now magazine.

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“He’s been pretty upset, which is all personal to him. But for me, without being too soppy, I’m incredibly happy with the way me and Eleanor are. The great thing about it is that when I started seeing her I was already in the band.

“It makes things easier in the respect she already knows now that’s the way it is. She’s very easy going too, which is really important.”

liam payne and prince harry

Our favourite tanned Toms wearer went on to say that Liam’s been “mischevious” when he’s been drinking lately, and that he reckon’s the Paynis is going for an edgy new look.

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“He’ll tell me off for this… I think Liam's trying to go for an off-the-rails kind of look. He’s started drinking and he’s shaved his head.” Which, to be fair, is all kinds of radical for a Captain Sensible whose old definition of a wild time was not washing fruit before he ate it.



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