EXCLUSIVE: Nathan Sykes on The Wanted and One Direction being LOVERS - watch

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We’re all a little bored with all this rivalry between The Wanted and One Direction and all their fans. We fancy the pants off of both bands and would like it if they and their fandoms all just got along.

Which is why we decided to turn them all into couples recently. TA DA:

We met up with Nathan Sykes this week to show him our beautiful Photoshopped work and see what he really thinks of 1D and all the shiz that has been going down.

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Speaking about Niall Horan who we made his boyfriend when we created Nithan Syran, Nat Han said: “I love Niall... Can I just say that Niall is one of the nicest lads you’ll ever meet. Really nice lad.”

He also admitted that he had had enough of all the rivalry between the groups and was hoping to sort it all out at their Madison Square Garden gig next month.

“We’re doing a big gig together in December, we’re both playing Madison Square Garden with Justin as well, so we’re very much looking forward to that. Hopefully we get to see them, have a bit of a catch up and put any sort of silly little rivalry to bed, because we don’t want that.”

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There was one thing however that was playing on Monsieur Sykes’ mind... He was the only TW member that we had made a girl in the couples.

Nathan Sykes

Sorrynotsorry Nath.


So there you have it, Nathan wants everyone to just get along please, and who would ever want to make that face cry?

Have you seen our video of Nathan in a lacey pink blindfold yet? Oh go on, it's a good'n.

BREAKING NEWS: Nathan Sykes' face discovered on a rare breed of sloth.

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