Ella Henderson and George Shelley "are the sweetest couple"

X Factor hotties Ella Henderson and George Shelley have both been WELL SHY about admitting they are dating, but last night the two were spotted by The Sun going for a walk holding hands. Yes that’s right, HOLDING HANDS. If our nans had seen them they would take that to mean they were married.

Ella Henderson and Geroge Shelley

In the past Ella has dropped massive hints that she and the Union J singer are sitting in a tree, and even told us that she’d chose him to marry him when we gave her an XF related snog, marry avoid. Again, something else our nans would think meant they were married.

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A source told The Sun: “Ella and George are the sweetest couple. It’s so lovely to see them together now they’re not denying it.

“They are thrilled they’ve both got far enough to get on the tour. It means they can spend more time together next year.”

Yeah, together on a lurrrrve tour.

Ella Henderson and George Shelley dating

We wonder if they sing duets in their hotel room? Or maybe compare faces to see whose is the prettiest? Oh, oh or maybe they role play being Nicole Scherzinger and Gary Barlow and see where things take them... Too far, Sugarscape.

What do you make of all this George and Ella news? Can we call them Gella?

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