Little Mix on partying with One Direction: 'Liam Payne is so funny after a drink'

What with Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards being all loved up, it's not surprising that Little Mix and One Direction have joined together for the odd house party or two.

It's sounds a whole lot more exciting than cheese and pineapple on a stick too, and apparently the girls are big fans of Liam Payne when he puts on his party pants.

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Now that Captain Sensible has magically grown himself a new kidney, he's apparently been trying out the odd shandy or two. Luckily he's got experienced party goers Little Mix to take him under their very glittery wings - well he would if there weren't busy pouring him a drink in the first place.

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Apparently the gals and guys do like socialising together and talking about their popstar party times to Celebs on Sunday, Perrie said: "We did, that was so funny, so random. Liam makes me laugh the most!

"We gave him just a little bit of drink and he was so funny, he was just walking around and talking to everyone and dancing,"Jade added.

Let's hope they're just as up for holding his hair back and stroking his back when he ends up with the spins. Only from excessive dutty wining in excitement, obviously.

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To be honest, Captain Sensible seems like the chatty, dancey type most of the time, but we'd love to see him trying to persuade Zayn to do the conga.

What do you think about all this?

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