Little Mix might be the best of pals, plaiting each other's hair and sharing spiky earrings willy nilly, but that doesn't mean they're above doing a hilarious and slightly mick-taking impression of each other.

Or of their mums now you mention it..

EXCLUSIVE: Little Mix do their best impressions of each other...and their mums - VIDEO

Being practically the modern and girly equivalent of Sherlock Holmes, we here at sugarscape HQ have noticed that Little Mix consists of two northerners and two southerners.

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For those of you who aren't native to British soil, you think that's nothing, but over here in Blighty it means one hell of an accent variation, hence why we decided to get the gals to show us their best impressions of each other.

For some reason this ended up with them pretending to be each other's mums and to be honest, we have no idea why.

Check it out..


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