Selena Gomez snapped smiling in NYC after Justin Bieber split - pics

Ever since the news of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's split reached our delicate ears, we've been in a world of confusion, denial, and outright pain.

The thought of the celeb couple being no more not only dashed our hopes of tiny little Jelena babies at some point in the future, but also had us worrying about the well-being of El Biebo and La Gomez.

selena gomez snapped smiling after Justin Bieber split

So we were relieved to see Selena putting a brave face on things as she left her hotel in New York City yesterday- with a big ol' grin slapped across her noggin.

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S stopped to pose for photos with fans, chatted to the watching crowds and generally looked like she was having a merry old time - despite the fact ex-boyfriend Justin was performing just down the road in Brooklyn at the time.

selena Gomez snapped smiling in new york

What do we think Scapers - is a reconcilliation on the cards, or is Selena just putting on a front to hide her misery? *sob*


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