Tulisa is still angry at Gary Barlow for "fag ash breath" insult

We were all pretty taken aback when Gary Barlow got his claws out and accused Tulisa of having “fag ash breath” live on X Factor a few weeks ago.

But Gazza apologised, and we all got over it – all of us except Tulisa, that is, as, according to Louis Walsh, the judges are still quarreling over the incident.

tulisa smoking

Talking to ITV1’s X Factor website, loud mouth Louis said: "They're pretending to be best friends but I know it's not 100% yet.

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"It's going to take time for their friendship to get back where it was. I won't be intervening. Tulisa is very much her own woman and doesn't need me to fight her battles."

Feisty Tulisa doesn’t seem like one to back down without a fight, but is Louis just saying this to distract from his own feud with King Barlow from the first week of live shows?

tulisa gary barlow x factor 2012

Tulisa may not be over Gazza Bazza’s live-on-national-TV insult, but it’s not deterring her from her stinky habit, as rumours have arisen this week that she’s in trouble for smoking and partying in her X Factor dressing room. Naughty!

In the same interview, Louis – the man behind Westlife - said of contestant James Arthur, “I don’t think he’s commercial enough.” He really needs to get on Sugarscape and update himself.

Gary Barlow apologises for saying Tulisa has "fag ash breath."

Kye Sones says he feels "let down by Tulisa."

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