Girls Aloud reveal next single from greatest hits album

Girls Aloud are back with yet another unheard track from their greatest hits album, Ten. 'Beautiful Because You Love Me' is the second single to be released from the album, out of the four never-before-heard songs that feature on the chart topping collection.

The pop ballad is quite a contrast to previous single, the upbeat 'Something New', and was written by Maiday, who is also responsible for penning hits such as Wretch 32’s number one 'Don’t Go'.

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girls aloud 2012

'Beautiful Because You Love Me' debuted on Radio 2 this morning, along with a lyric video uploaded onto Youtube. Nicola Roberts is particularly keen on the single.

She said to The Sun: "After I heard the first line, I said, 'STOP! That's our song." Kimberly Walsh concurred: "As soon as I heard it, from the first line onwards, I agreed with Nicola – we had to get that song.”

For anyone wondering, that super captivating first line is “Standing over the basin/I’ve been washing my face in.” Inspirational. So you can see how it had the girls hooked… Right?

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girls aloud 2012

Luckily it gets slightly catchier once the chorus kicks in, but this was clearly written with a Christmas number one in mind. It’s even released on December 17th, just in time to battle it out for the hotspot.

So what do you think? Will 'Beautiful Because You Love Me' join 'Sound of the Underground' in Girls Aloud’s collection of Christmas chart toppers?

Check it out here:


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