One Direction perform private gig at Johnny Depp's house...

Can someone remind us why Johnny Depp isn’t our dad? ‘Spose we wouldn’t be able to fancy him if he was, but at least we’d get exclusive One Direction gigs in our sitting room. Swings and roundabouts.

JackSparrowEdwardScissorhandsWillyWonka organized for Juan Dee to do an intimate and exclusive performance for his 13 year old daughter, Lily Rose and her MAJORLY LUCKY friends, who are all major fans. Of course, Johnny was able to pull a few strings, and the gig was held at the recording studio inside his house. Even the fact he has a studio in his house is ridiculously cool.

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A source told The Sun newspaper that Johnny even became the sixth member at one point. “He brought out his piano and guitars for the boys to test and they had a little jam session. “

“Lily Rose just watched with her blushing mates while her dad temporarily joined the world’s biggest boyband.”

If our dad was playing air guitar with One Direction we’d probs die of cringe, but seeing as it’s JD, we’ll let him off.

Apparently when they left, Johnny told the boys to come back and have a whisky with him when they’re old enough to drink in America. Can we come too?

How jel are you on a scale of one to SENT INSANE WITH ENVY? Ahem.


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