Rylan Clark: If Ella Henderson and George Shelley touch each other I'll kill them

Scapers, you may think that Rylan Clark is simply part X Factor contestant part mythical beast, but you’d be mistaken, there is SO much more to him – Rylan is actually WELL’ARD. No really, like almost Liam Payne levels of tough.


While you lot are probably pretty safe from Rylan’s rage, there’s a certain XF couple that will get a slap if Clarky catches them touching. YES WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU ELLA HENDERSON AND GEORGE SHELLEY.

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“Ella’s my little sister and George is my little brother. I told them: ‘If you touch each other, I’ll kill you!’” Rylan said to Now mag.

For reasons unknown, Rylan may want to kill them now, but he wouldn’t mind it if Gella get together when all this crazy reality TV shiz is over.

“Once the show’s over, they can be an item. I’d happily give them my blessing, but for now no snogging or touching. Or I’ll slap them!”

Did you hear that you two? Not touching all you’ll get a slap. We’re sure it would be a very fabulous slap and instead leaving a red mark you’d have a “Bitch, Rylan was here”, on your cheek.


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