EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna serves tequila to fans in Stockholm

Rihanna's managed to remain fairly elusive for a lot of her 777 tour, but for a few lucky fans who waited, waited, and WAITED at Berns in Stockholm last night, she turned up and gave them a helluva treat.

Rihanna 777 tour

"She lined up everyone's shots and handed them out one by one," competition winner Rosie from San Francisco told us.

"There were like, 30 shots of Tequila at the bar and she poured them all, she was serving the drinks! She pulled funny faces when she drank them though. She was all about her fans, chatting to everyone. She had her arms around us, she was talking in our ear. I told her my life story!"

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"She was amazing," said Victoria, also from San Francisco.

"We were telling her to keep being herself and not let anyone judge her. She told us 'it doesn't matter if you're just telling me that to feel good, what matters is you told me right now.'"

It turns out that lady RiRi is just as big a party animal as we imagine her to be (thank god, we'd be devvoed if she turned out to be a twat) and was keeping her fans' drinks topped up all night.

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"She was like, 'Just drink!'," Victoria told us.

"She was like you hoped her to be, she's a partier. We were Rihanna fans before this, but we're like, huge on her now."

"She was really normal," Rosie went on. "She had too much foam in her beer so kept her finger in there until it went down and she could drink it. She was just asking how we were. Everyone, she and all her crew were so personable. Hugging, kissing everyone. We were just chatting, I can't even remember what about.

"She's had as much sleep if not less than we all had, and she's still graceful. She stayed for about 45 minutes."

AAGGHHH RiRi, this does nothing to lessen our raging girl-crush on you. Sigh.

Right now we're at Stockholm airport ready to fly to Paris for show number five, stay tuned for more pics and goss - check out our instagram for the first photos.

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