Harry Styles and Taylor Swift "have been quietly seeing each other for a while"

There have been rumours doing the rounds for a while now that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were actually a “Haylor”, and when T-Swizzle started wearing a necklace that matches Hazza’s paper aeroplane one, we let out a massive “HELLOOOO?”

The two were spotted together buying cheeseburgers (the food of love) at The X Factor USA last week, and today The Sun has even more goss about the couple’s date.

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“Harry turned up at rehearsals to watch Taylor. She delayed it 20 minutes to wait for him. He was sitting with her mum Andrea and she seemed won over too. After Taylor finished, he picked her up over his shoulder and carried her to her trailer,” an onlooker told the paper.

“They were holding hands and flirting all day. They had matching chains on and queued up together to get their lunch from the catering truck. It was all really sweet.”

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We love that they queue.

Harry and Taylor were close to becoming an item earlier this year, but Taylor was left heartbroken after pictures of Harry snogging model Emma Ostilly in New Zealand emerged.

An insider told The Sun: “It was a big deal her inviting him to the show with her mum on Thursday. It was her way of showing she is ready to trust him.

“Taylor was really embarrassed by what happened and was nervous about giving him another go. But this time they have spent more time getting to know each other.

“Taylor is very full-on in relationships and falls for people quickly. Harry is being careful because he doesn’t want to hurt her again. But he’s made it clear he likes her a lot. They have been quietly seeing each other again for a little while now.”

Even Simon Cowell’s heart of stone has been melted by the Haylor romance.

Speaking backstage he said: “I wasn’t at rehearsal, but heard about it when I came down. I think they are good together.”

Oh Dark Knight, have you finally learnt what happiness is?

Well if all this is true Harry and Taylor will officially be Pop’s Power Hair Couple; a big responsibility we’re sure you’ll agree. We wonder if they share products...

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift spotted together at X Factor USA

Taylor Swift left heartbroken by Harry Styles?

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