Niall Horan spotted holding hands with Amy Green

Despite rumours flying about all over the place that One Direction’s Niall Horan is linked to every American girl in the world, this Thursday Niall was spotted walking through London holding hands with his rumoured girlfriend Amy Green.

According to The Sunday Mirror, Nialler was dead happy to be reunited with the drama student after being away in America.

“Niall couldn’t wait to see Amy. She has a normal life and doesn’t pay much attention to any fuss. He likes that,” an insider revealed.

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Thankfully, Nialler’s easy breezy attitude means that reports that suggest he’s with... pretty much everyone on the planet, don’t bother him.

“Everyone speculates about his love life, but he’s near the point where he doesn’t care. Amy and him are great together.”

Yeah Nialler, you go get sassy on all those rumours and just be happy.

What do you think of Niall and Amy, reckon they are dating, or just mates who hold hands and look oddly attractive standing next to one another?

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