Demi Lovato hits out at Twitter haters

Demi Lovato has always been pretty open and honest about her issues and while that's got her a lot of support from fans, it's also meant she's received some negative attention online. But in true girl power fashion, that isn't getting Demi down and she's tweeted to show the haters that frankly she couldn't give a stuff.

This is probably best illustrated by her waving around a massive trophy, while (we'd imagine) the small-minded trolls sit around at home forming a relationship with their computer screen:

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"Dear haters, You may have hurt me at some point or another, but you never won. Why? Because I'M STILL HERE. Love, Demi," she tweeted.

While she's not too worried about the mean things people have to say, Demi went on to admit that she couldn't have got herself through recovery if she hadn't has such amazing support from all you Lovatics out there.

"Was thinking earlier about some of my past struggles and how I got through them.. I can honestly say I wouldn't be alive today had I not had the support that you all gave me the past 2 years," Demi continued.

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"A lot of celebrities say their thankful for their fans, but I can PROMISE you, there isn't one day that goes by without thinking of your unconditional love and support. And when I say I love you, I do.

"Forever grateful for you all.. you don't know how much you all mean to me. I'm so blessed. Thank you.. I love you. "

It sounds like there's been a bit of soul searching going on. Then again, maybe it had a little something to do with the fact that she went to see the last Twilight movie the other day.

"Do NOT go see Breaking Dawn part 2 if you are a woman who's PMSing. You WILL cry like a baby... Thanks Twilight," she said.

Just kidding, but what do you think about all that?

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Ooh, it's Demi Lovato's style through the years

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