One Direction meet the Queen and manage not to lose their heads

Last night One Direction met the Queen at The Royal Variety Performance. We’ll be honest Scapers, we’d been worried about the pop royalty being in the presence of actual royalty. Would Louis Tomlinson sass in her face while Harry Styles made a move on her? Or perhaps Niall Horan would say “c*nt”? You just never know.

However if this photographic evidence is anything to go by, things seemed to go *almost* swimmingly.

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One Direction meet the Queen

We were about to write about how Liam Payne was getting a rare smile from Her Maj but then we noticed something - LIAM IS TOUCHING HIS PAYNIS. He's shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth II and touching his paynis.

Anyway, moving on....

One Direction meet the Queen

Here's The Sasquatch in a rare moment of humbleness, bowing his head, averting his eyes and smiling polietly while giving QEII the most mini of handshakes ever. It's OK Luigi, she won't bite. And Niall, sweetheart, now is not the time to have a nap.

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Here's just another. slightly crap image of the boys and Queenie. We're in a bit in love with the fact that she carries her own handbag.

We'd say how lovely those pictures look, how handsome the boys are and dazzling the Queen is, but we still can't get over where Liam's hands went.

*URGENT* Disasters that may happen when One Direction meet the Queen

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