Ella Henderson 'won't go off the rails like Britney Spears'

One of our favourite things about Ella Henderson is that there just aint no crazy diva in her. Like seriously, we get the feeling that even if we got all up in her grill and really, really pushed her buttons, she’d just look and tell us (politely) to “Stop being nobs, please”, and carry on about her business.

Ella Henderson

The X Factor star's dad Sean, agrees that his daughter is down to earth and reckons there’s no chance of her going all crazy and off the rails.

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“Of course, I’ve seen young celebrities go off the rails, but Ella is such a wise soul, we aren’t worried about that,” he told Closer mag.

So we guess that means there’s no chance of Ella shaving her head and having weird-arse relationships with the paparazzi then.

“There’s no way she’d be like Britney Spears. She’s got a very sensible head on her shoulders and is just taking everything in her stride.

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“She’s never acted like a diva and she’s not interested in fame at all. She’d happily give up the fame tomorrow as long as she could carry on performing.”

As for romances, Daddy H reckons that her and Union J’s George Shelley are just erm, brother and sister. Errmmmm…

“George seems like a very nice boy, and she says they are very close friends. But right now, it’s more like brother and sister.”

We’re pretty sure we don’t hold hands and have rumours circulating about us snogging our brothers, but we suppose you never know what people say behind closed doors.

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