Zayn Malik reaches out to Max George on twitter...

All this The Wanted One Direction rivalry has us squirming uncomfortably in our seats and feeling as though we're developing a stomach ulcer from all the stress.


Luckily, there does appear to be some form of light at the end of the boyband wars tunnel - because not only did Nathan Sykes confess to us that he 'loves' Niall Horan, but Zayn Malik has used twitter to reach out to Max George.

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'What did he say?' we hear you ask. 'Did he write him a little poem? Tell him his head looks nothing like an egg? Ask if both bands could have a televised naked mud-wrestling match?'

Zayn malik usher tulisa

Actually, he called him a geek. Um...

Yup, Max tweeted a snap of himself cosying up to Usher, along with the caption: 'Me and usher getting messy!!!' to which Zayn replied: '@MaxTheWanted: geek ..'

He's a man of few words, is our Zayn.

zayn malik tweets max george

Still, we're sure you'll agree with us when we say there's nothing like a little light-hearted banter to heal a rift-rift between two very good looking male specimens.

Is this the dawning of a new era? Or will Louis 'sassypants' Tomlinson refuse to join the ceasefire?

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Images: PA/Twitter

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