Taylor Swift buying a London house 'round the corner' from Harry Styles?

The rumoured romance between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift has taken a new turn today - after it was claimed that T-Swizzle is preparing to buy a house 'just around the corner' from the One Direction love-bot.

Christ she doesn't waste any time, does she?

Taylor Swift buys a house near Harry Styles

Apazzers, Tay has been wanting to add a UK property to her huge collection of houses for some time, but is now particularly interested in North London - the very same area that Harreh's brand new £3 million pad resides in. Quelle shockeurrrr.

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A source told LOOK magazine: "She's been interested in buying a house in the UK for a while. But after months of not really mentioning it, Taylor's suddenly instructed an estate to get on it ASAP!

"She's even asked Harry if he'll come and look at some places with her, since he knows the area."

Now we don't know about you, but when we like a guy - we might 'accidentally' bump in to him at that cafe we know he always goes to, or call him a little more often than necessary.

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Perhaps spending millions of dollars on an actual honest to god house next door to your love interest is simply the equivilant of that in celeb-world?

Taylor Swift

Shacking up next to her men is actually a bit of a trademark for Tay-Tay - she recently splashed out on a $3million mansion just minutes away from ex-loverrrr Conor Kennedy's Cape Cod family estate, and in 2011, bought a $2.2 million pad close to the LA house owned by another ex, John Mayer.

WELL if these latest rumours are true, let's hope Haylor lasts - otherwise it's going to be WELL AWKWARD when the pair bump into each other when taking the bins out in the morning.

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