Khloe Kardashian receives 'suspicious package'

Khloe Kardashian has received a ‘suspicious package’ which is being investigated by the FBI and, whilst we can imagine it to be quite a disturbing event for her, we’re just giggling at the idea of Khloe’s suspicious package. Mature, we know.

khloe kardashian package

A letter addressed to Khlo was delivered to CBS studios in LA and was found to contain a mysterious white powder – okay, not quite so funny, but it turns out it’s totes harmless and the Kardashian family can carry on about their business, whatever that actually is.

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We’re yet to find out what the letter said, which could explain this mystery substance. Is there a new drug dealer in LA trying a hands on approach to PR? Was Kris Jenner just posting her daughter some washing powder in time for laundry day? Who knows.

khloe kardashian

Dancing With the Stars contestant Bristol Palin received a similar package at CBS studios in October, and the FBI are currently working to find out if the two packages are linked, but the world can keep on turning safe in the knowledge that none of the Kardashians have anthrax. Amen.

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