Rylan Clark: Twitter trolls should be "locked up" for homophobic comments

Rylan Clark has hit back at Twitter trolls who give him abuse about his sexuality and his right to a place on X Factor ‘day in day out’. NICE ONE RYLAN.

Rylan clearly decided that "enough is enough," and tweeted “… some of you should be locked away for your comments regarding my sexuality.”

He continued, "I'm a 24 year old normal boy who has auditioned for Xfactor, never come from money, my mother is seriously ill, and not one have I used that as a sob story or a reason to validate my place on the show.

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rylan clark x factor cyber bullying

"I would rather be judged on the reason why I'm actually on the show to sing...and perform. I TOTALLY understand I haven't got the best voice in the competition but have proved that I can just stand there and sing...for those of you that have supported me thank you [so] much."

The boys from JLS also had a thing or two to say about the show this week, and as X Factor veterans themselves, we ain’t about to argue.

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Marvin Humes criticised the ‘witch hunt’ (everyone’s new favourite phrase, apparently) against Rylan and Christopher Maloney, saying, “I think it's unfair. Those guys, all they did was enter a competition to try and change their lives and get exposure.

"It's not their fault they're still here. People are voting for them.”

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On the subject that the show is “fixed”, as many have been claiming since Ella’s shock departure on Sunday, Aston Merrygold said, "Every year it's the same thing. This is the thing about the show. It happens every year. Someone has to go.

"If people don't vote for them, they will go home. This is how these shows have worked for the past ten years or whatever it is. We've seen it over the years, it's always the same thing.”

It's been a pretty bad year for cyerbullying, with Ella Henderson also falling victim to horrible tweets regarding her weight.

What do you think? Should action be taken against online abusers?

Rylan Clark least like to make X Factor final, bookies say.

Rylan Clark: "If I win X Factor, society will sink underwater."

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