AGH: Rochelle and Marvin Humes are expecting a baby

Scapers, we are taking a break from making AAAGGGGGHHHHHHH noises to tell you that Rochelle and Marvin Humes are expecting their first child together: AAAGGGGHHHHH.

Marvin and Rohclle Humes

Yup, the couple who got married in July have just announced that The Saturdays singer is pregnant and that the baby is due “the middle of next year.” We admire their speedy work.

Tweeting from the JLS account, Marv said: “Rochelle and I are SOOOOO excited to tell everyone that we are expecting our first baby!!! Its absolutely amazing! Baby is due middle of next year and all is great!! We want to say thank you to everyone for their love and means so much to us!! We are over the moon! Love Marv x”

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At the same time Rochelle tweeted: “I wanted to be the first to tell you…we have some exciting news to share!

"Marvin and I could NOT be more thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child mid next year.

"We have always dreamt of being parents and the news is the best early Christmas present we could have asked for. I know Marvin is going to be a great dad and we're so excited to start a family.

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"Thanks for all of your support and lots of love, Rochelle x”

We’re so happy about this news it’s almost as if we’re the ones who have been impregnated by Marvin.

Massive congrats guys, you’ll make awesome parents and definitely be the coolest couple to ever do a school run.

And now for something shallow: This child might possibly the most attractive person to ever walk the planet. We mean, look at them.


Nice one guys, we can't wait to meet bubba Humes.

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