The Wanted and One Direction's Twitter fight takes an... infected turn: "Alright Chlamydia boy"

Last night after we’d packed up and gone home, One Direction and The Wanted continued their Twitter fight, banter... weird thing. Boys, you know the rules, no out of hours feuding please.

We had left you with Max George advising Zayn Malik to “Stay off the bud... It clearly makes you cranky,” after the two had gone back and forth over Twitter, arguing about being geeks.

Zayn Malik and Max George

From Maxi G’s side we assumed that it was all “top bants, bruv”, but then Tom Parker and Louis Tomlinson Sasquatch got involved, and comments got personal. In fact we did an involuntary hand raise and shouted out “Hey, heeeeeyyy, what’s goin’ on heerrrree.” (Yes, that was an American accent.)

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Anywaaay, a couple of hours later Zayn responded to Max’s “cranky” jibe with, “Alright chlamydia boy ;)”

ALRIGHT CHLAMDIA BOY? Has Max been playing with koalas too? Also, we’re having issues interpreting all the faces that Zayn is leaving. Is Chlamydia boy a term of endearment? One thing’s for sure, chlaymdia is impossible to spell right the first time.

After the comment that insinuated he had an itchy willy, Maximus finally got serious and posted about Zaynster’s “8 security in NYC” and his “sh*t banter”...

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zayn malik max george twiiter fight

“Clown”, it’s like we’re in Bugsy Malone.

So we’re left with Zayn tweeting that he’ll see Max in New York City, for which we’re assuming is for that huge Madison Square Garden gig with Justin Bieber next month. This leaves us thinking that the Twitter spat is one of three things: An actual row, genuine banter, OR some PR for that massive concert they’ll both be performing at. Ahem.

We’ll leave you lot to unravel that. In the meantime, spare a thought for Nathan Sykes, all he wants is for the boys to date.

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