Harry Styles to introduce Taylor Swift to his parents?

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s romance has had us saying “Oh ma gahhhd” for a couple of weeks now, it’s all just a bit too much for us to handle.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

Now, according to The Sun, the couple made in beautiful faced heaven are going to take things to the next step. A step further than eating cheeseburgers, holding hands and fireman carries: Taylor is going to meet Hazza’s parents.


Yup Arreh has decided that now is the time for TSwizzle to be in the presence of The Woman, The Myth, The Legend, Foxy Coxy and will introduce them at the Madison Square Garden gig that One Direction are playing at next week.

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“He’s been very hush-hush about Taylor but this is the perfect chance to introduce her to them,” an insider told the paper.

Now this is big and really cool, but we’ll admit Scapers, we’re panicking about something... What if Taylor, in a bid to impress Foxy, decides to use her song writing talents to rhyme her name with something? What if that rhyme is better than Foxy Coxy? What if it’s something like Anne Flan, or Cox Rox? What if Coxy prefers it and decides to go call herself that?

Sorry, we have to go, we’ve got ourselves in too much of a tizzy. Bye.

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