Miley Cyrus thinks One Direction's Zayn Malik is 'cute' - BREAKING NEWS

Move over (or grow a quiff) Liam Hemsworth. Miley Cyrus has got her eye on a new bad boy in the form of One Direction’s Zayn Malik.

In an interview with MSN Entertainment, Miley was asked who was her favourite member of 1D. She didn’t even stop to take a breath before blurting “Zayn Malik!”

miley cyrus zayn malik

“He’s my favourite… Because my friend and him have matching hair. I also think he’s the cutest,” she explained.

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The interview was actually intended to be about her new movie, So Undercover, but the subject was swiftly diverted, as fan's questions were far more focused around the completedly unrelated One Direction rather than anything to do with Miley's own career.

zayn malik one direction miley cyrus

Let this be a lesson to the clever person at MSN who decided to let Twitter users choose the interview questions - the world cares about One Direction more than anything else ever.

It’s no secret that Miley likes her men a bit rough around the edges. Maybe they could compare tattoos and swap quiff-styling tips.

Watch the video here:

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