George Shelley deletes his Instagram as Ella Henderson & Union J's JJ STALK US

In news that has saddened our pervy hearts and watered our stalky eyes, Union J's George Shelley has deleted his Instagram. After posting something about it all getting a bit too much for him, he zapped away all his pictures and removed his photographic presence from our phones forevermore.


george shelley deletes his instagram

Hopefully this will be similar to Zayn Malik's "eff you all I'm quitting Twitter" decision, which lasted for about 2 days. UPDATE - HE'S BACK ALREADY. TYPICAL.

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In other Instagram based news, that JJ from X Factor's Union J has been claiming that we're stalking him.


jamie union j instagram sugarscape

Now JJ, you may have noticed that we write about you a lot, put up a lot of pictures of you, tweet about you, and Lauren hangs out in the X Factor studios waiting to touch you, but it's all in the name of journalism, shweetie.

You stalking our website, however, is a totally different matter (which we encourage - please continue).

Click here to read the article JJ stalked on Sugarscape

Ella Henderson says she and Josh Union J are gonna "go boom." OOH LET'S READ INTO IT.

Union J and District 3 topless. AAAGGHH.

Pics: Instagram / PA

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