Rihanna fends off scurvy with a 2.30am orange outside her London hotel - PICS

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Rihanna might have a reputation for being a bit of a rockstar, but somewhere buried deep down among those fanny grazing shorts and all that sideboob lies the heart of a truly sensible popstar.

In fact, looking after herself is so important that she was even spotted topping up on her vitamin C and snacking on an orange outside her London hotel this morning. Granted it was 2.30am, but every little counts, or so we've heard.

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Rihanna spotted eating an orange outside her hotel in London after being ill with a virus - PICS

To be fair to RiRi, it's probably good that she's taking some scurvy prevention measures as despite the early start, it's the first time she's been seen out and about since she was laid low with a virus after her X Factor performance at the weekend.

Bet she's kicking herself at all those missed opportunities for late night boob tattoos.

RiRi was working the lumberjack chic in a tartan varsity jacket and what we can only describe as Timberland style man boots. That's the technical term we'll have you know.

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We'd imagine having a billion flashes going off in her face wasn't the nicest greeting from the outside world after two days inside and despite the fact that she was handily wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night, RiRi looked busy shielding her face from all those bright lights.

Rihanna spotted eating an orange outside her hotel in London after being ill with a virus - PICS

This is where we'd usually make a joke about them shining bright like a diamond, but we're far too concerned about the fact that she had to stop snacking for a moment there.


What do you think about all this?


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